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Computer & Control Solutions, Inc (CCSI) offers first high density 1U server, chassis and power supply recommended by AMD to support the AMD Athlon™ MP processor

ATLANTA, GA – February. 4, 2002 -- Computer & Control Solutions, Inc. (CCSI), a leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of custom, high-density servers (http://www.rackmountequipment.com), announced today that the new RC 0103 1U chassis featuring dual parallel 1+1 power supplies has become the first high density 1U server, chassis, and power supply recommended by AMD after having passed AMD’s testing and evaluation of solutions supporting the AMD Athlon™ MP processor.  The RC 0103 accommodates up to two hot swappable IDE or SCA SCSI hard drives and one internal fixed IDE or SCSI hard drive plus one slim CD.  Now Shipping.

The new RC- 0103 1U is the platform of choice for the coolest running and most powerful 1U servers in the market today.  In announcing the new RC 0103 1U server, Mr. Rockney Alavi, President, of Computer & Control Solutions, Inc. stated, “The peerless RC 0103 1U was specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements of high density extreme performance computing systems.” 

“We are very excited that Computer and Control Solutions has introduced the RC 0103 1U chassis and power supply featuring the Wind Tunnel™ cooling system,” said Rex Meek, director of the Hardware Infrastructure Enablement Group at AMD.  “The RC 0103 1U helps customers build robust server products powered by the AMD Athlon MP processor.”

Not only does the RC0103 1U support the full range of AMD Athlon MP processor model numbers, it includes the patent pending Wind Tunnel™ cooling system that provides unequalled cooling, which is critical to stable system performance.  The RC0103 chassis with the Wind Tunnel™ cooling system also provides unequalled high availability by utilizing dual hot swappable 300 Watt power supplies and versatile data storage configurations including hot swappable hard drives. 

These unique features make the RC 0103 the ideal platform for high density, high availability extreme computing applications such as Beowulf clusters, artificial intelligence, graphics rendering and photo-realistic simulation, biometric analysis, web hosting, video streaming, , financial modeling, CAD/CAM, data mining, and a host of other applications.  The new RC 0103 is only 17.5" (W) x 26" (D) x 1.69" (H) in size.

The RC 0103 1U is built around a patented chassis design which contains two custom hot-swappable 300W power supplies; up to two hot swappable SCSI or IDE hard drives and one internal IDE or SCSI hard drive, and rear chassis supports.  The RC 0103 1U is the "thoroughbred of 1U chassis" designed for High Performance Computing without processor speed limitations and powerful, yet cost effective servers that will find uses in clustered environments and a host of other computation-intensive applications.   Only the RC 0103 1U avoids chassis obsolescence and allows "full speed ahead" computing with future ever faster CPU speeds. 

About the AMD Athlon™ MP Processor

The AMD Athlon MP processor is a seventh-generation x86 processor designed for high-performance multiprocessing servers and workstations.  A key advantage of AMD’s multiprocessing platform is Smart MP technology, which greatly enhances overall platform performance by increasing data movement between the two CPUs, chipset and memory system. Smart MP technology features dual point-to-point, high-speed 266MHz system buses with Error Correcting Code (ECC) support designed to provide up to 2.1GB per second per CPU of bus bandwidth in a dual-processor system. Smart MP technology also has an optimized Modified Owner Exclusive Shared Invalid (MOESI) cache coherency protocol that manages data and memory traffic in a multiprocessing environment.  The new AMD Athlon MP processor features the patented QuantiSpeed™ architecture, which includes a high performance full-speed cache with hardware data pre-fetch, a fully pipelined superscalar floating point engine, and an exclusive L2 Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB). The processor also incorporates 3DNow!ä Professional technology, which has 52 new instructions that extend AMD’s 3DNow! technology, enabling smoother, richer and more lifelike images, more precise digital audio and an enriched Internet experience.

The new AMD Athlon MP processor is compatible with AMD’s stable Socket A infrastructure, and supports DDR memory technology.

About Rackmountequipment.com:

Rackmountequipment.com is a division of Computer & Control Solutions, Inc. an U.S. company founded in 1983, and a leading edge manufacturer of servers for the OEM and ODM market with manufacturing facilities in the US and the Pacific Rim.  The company has a well-established reputation for quick development of turnkey solutions offering several significant competitive advantages including, unusually talented mechanical and electrical engineering with outstanding design flexibility, system customization, and configuration options.

More information about CCSI products is available on the company's web site at: http://www.rackmountequipment.com

The RC 0103 is featured on the company's new AMD Athlon processor Web site at: http://www.dualathlonservers.com

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RC-0103 Stacked
RC-0103 With Cover On and Font door Closed

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RC-0103 With Cover Off and Front Door Removed

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RC-0103 With Cover On, Hard Drive and Power Supplies out
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