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Dual Athlon Rack Chassis

Our Ultra-Cool, Dual AMD Athlon, rack chassis feature thermally correct cooling systems specifically designed for the Dual AMD Athlon configuration utilizing the Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard. The tests on the Dual AMD Athlon systems showed results well within the tolerances for the entire AMD Athlon processor family currently on the market.

The RC0103 1U Ultra-Cooled Chassis

This is our 1U Dual AMD Athlon Solution. It features 2 hot-swapable SCSI or IDE drive bays. CPU cooling is achieved through the innovative CCSI Windtunnel™ design, which makes sure the air blowing across the heatsinks is always cool, fresh air, not air recirculated from rest of the chassis. The 1U redundant power supply is certified by AMD for use with the Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard and AMD Athlon Processors. The power supply also provides an even higher level of reliability to the already stable solution.


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The RC0222 2U Ultra-Cooled Chassis (The Transformer)

The RC0222 is a 2 rack space Dual AMD Athlon solution. Utilizing modular drive bays in the front, the RC0222 2U chassis can accomodate any conceivable drive configuration. The 'Transformer' can also accomodate 2U and PS2 style power supplies depending on your needs and budget. The CCSI Windtunnel™ CPU cooling solution goes above and beyond normal fans mounted on heatsinks. The Windtunnel™ supplies a constant flow of cool, non-recirculated air to the heatsinks for maximum CPU cooling regardless of load.


The TC-0101 Tower Case

The TC-0101 is a high quality, super-mid sized tower case which features high volume cooling via two preinstalled high volume cooling fans. With room for 6x3.5" devices as well as 4x5.25" devices.


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