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AMD no longer produces Athlon MP CPUs but has pushed the performance envelope even further with the AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors. Dual Athlon Servers.com the thermally correct source ™ is a division of Computer & Control Solutions, Inc. (CCSI) that specializes in the design and manufacturing of rackmounted, Dual AMD Athlon™ processor server chassis and systems. What we can offer you is High Density High Performance (HDHP) computing platforms, whether you need bare chassis and power supply or fully configured systems or are looking for an OEM or ODM relationship, CCSI is uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

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Built on AMD's stable Socket A platform, the AMD Athlon™ MP processor for servers offers a reliable processing solution to address a wide range of commercial computing needs.

Key features include AMD's innovative Smart MP technology which uses dual, independent point-to-point system buses to increase available bus bandwidth. Along with an exemplary cache management system, Smart MP technology allows for highspeed communications between processors, helps reduce data transfer latencies, and helps ensure that both processors work to their full potential.

Reliability and Stability for your Business
Built on the highly stable Socket A platform, the AMD Athlon MP processor provides a stable, single platform for an easy and flexible upgrade path to address a wide range of computing needs. By lowering infrastructure churn and total cost of ownership, AMD's Socket A platform can meet today's needs while helping to enable the future growth of your business.

Breakthrough Performance in a Dual Processor Platform
Innovations such as Smart MP technology and QuantiSpeed™ architecture make AMD Athlon MP processors stand out from others in their class. Smart MP technology allows the AMD Athlon MP processor to provide a high level of output and scalability via dual point-to-point (non-sharing) 266MHz system buses. With split transaction-based protocol, Smart MP technology allows each CPU to work while continuing to fill data requests; the dedicated bus for each CPU helps deliver better overall performance.

Additional features include an advanced cache coherency protocol to manage data and memory traffic and innovative “snoop” buses to facilitate inter-CPU communications. When all these features combine, Smart MP technology increases available bandwidth, reduces data transfer latencies, and can help ensure both processors work to their full potential.

Get outstanding server performance with QuantiSpeed architecture. By taking advantage of the AMD Athlon MP nine-issue, superscalar, fully pipelined core, QuantiSpeed architecture provides more pathways for instructions to reach the execution engine. This allows the processor to complete more instructions in a given clock cycle. Hardware data pre-fetch, and Translation Look-aside Buffers (TLBs) also support additional data throughput and server transactions to provide exceptional server network performance.


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